About Maximilien Roux

17An experienced public relations and advertising professional, Maximilien Roux has worked with a diverse range of companies in the nonalcoholic consumer goods industry. Beginning his career as a marketing intern with Jose Cuervo, he later became the sales and promotions coordinator for Absente, LLC. Today, Maximilien Roux serves as the director of nonalcoholic beverages at Crillon Importers, Ltd, where he provides leadership in such areas as advertising, brand development, digital campaigns, promotion, and distribution.

Alongside a career focused on beverage development and promotion, Maximilien Roux also spent four years in the field of sales and customer service at the Absolute Americana Art Gallery in St. Augustine, Florida. He remains a co-owner of the gallery, which showcases an extensive collection of eclectic artwork from both international and local artists.

In his leisure time, Maximilien Roux enjoys keeping active through such activities as swimming and tennis. A connoisseur of food and drink, he specializes in cooking French and Italian cuisine and developing new beverages.


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